bibliog. + cit. database [help request]

Sucheta Lahiri sucheta at DRTC.ISIBANG.AC.IN
Sun Jan 21 14:34:44 EST 2007

Dear Sir
I am working on a project in part-fulfillment of the requirements for
the ADIS programme of DRTC, Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore,
India. I propose to use co-word analysis and some related techniques to
map the structure and dynamics of the discipline 'Information Retrieval'
over the last 50 years 1950's to present.
I am using bibexcel and I also had to face the same difficulty of data
transformation. For that I had to make a perl file which could make the
raw data compatible for bibexcel.
Sucheta Lahiri
Documentation Research and Training Centre
Indian Statistical Institute
8th Mile, Mysore road
Bangalore, India

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