Contagion modeling of new ideas by OSTI

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OSTI has begun a new research program that includes contagion 
modeling of new ideas, based on literature analysis. Our initial 
results are here:

The biggest result is that doubling the contact rate dramatically 
speeds up the speed of knowledge diffusion. This is of interest to 
us, because OSTI is in the business of putting scientists in contact 
with one another.

The main report is here:
"Population Modeling of the Emergence and Development of Scientific Fields"
Note that Eugene Garfield is cited, as he called for this kind of 
research 27 years ago!

There are several other discussion papers on the site, which we 
expect to expand as time goes on.

OSTI is the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, in the 
Office of Science of the Department of Energy. The Office of Science 
funds basic research in the physical sciences, at about $4 billion a 
year. OSTI started out as a repository for research reports but has 
become a leader in web-based, research collection and dissemination 
for the US government.

See also which federates 35 databases across 
the US government.
We hope to launch in the near future, working with 
other governments.

Comments or questions are most welcome.

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