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Isidro F. Aguillo isidro at CINDOC.CSIC.ES
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Expectations versus reality – Search engine features needed for Web
research at mid 2005
Judit Bar-Ilan
Cybermetrics, Vol. 9 (2005): ISSUE 1. PAPER 2

Web research is based on data from or about the Web. Often data is
collected using search engines. Here we describe our "wish list" for the
ideal search engine, explain the need for the specific features and
examine whether the currently existing major search engines can at least
partially fulfil the requirements of the ultimate search tool. The major
search tools are commercial and are oriented towards the "average" user
and not towards the Web researcher, and therefore are unable to meet all
the requests. One possible solution is for the research community to
recruit the necessary funding, resources and know-how in order to build
a research-oriented search tool.


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