Winkmann G, Schlutius S, Schweim HG "Publication languages of Impact Factor Journals and of medical bibliographic databanks" DEUTSCHE MEDIZINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT 127 (4): 131-137 JAN 25 2002

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TITLE Publication languages of Impact Factor Journals and of medical
bibliographic databanks
AUTHOR Winkmann G, Schlutius S, Schweim HG

Document type: Article  Language: German
Cited References: 24    Times Cited: 1

Background and objective: A preference for English-language sources during
determination of journal Impact Factors (IF) was discussed, IF being
published in the annual journal Citation Reports OCR). The JCR are derived
from data in Science Citation Index (SCI). The aim of this study was,
therefore, (i) to review publication countries and languages in JCR, (ii)
publication languages in SCI in comparison to further recognised medical
bibliographic databanks.

Methods: Searching (i) countries and languages in JCR Science-Editions 1997
and 1998, (ii) language distributions in publication years 1995-2000 in
bibliographic databanks SCI, MEDLINE (ME) and EMBASE (EM).

Results: (i) Almost 70% journals in JCR 1997 and 1998 were published in USA,
United Kingdom, or The Netherlands. Of two language options present, a
number of English-classified journals contained >90% articles in other
languages, whereas >90% publications in English could occur in
Multi-Language (ML) journals, thereby complicating statistical comparisons.
83,9% JCR-periodicals in 1997 and 85,6% in 1998 were classified English.
English/ML ratios increased exponentially with increasing IF. (ii) 95,5% of
the articles documented 1995-2000 in whole SCI and in our constructed SCI
segment "Medicine and related areas" were written in English, compared to
88,5% in ME and 89,8% in EM. The SCI Medicine segment was 15% more
comprehensive than either MEDLINE or EMBASE. Highly significant differences
of language distributions in SCI vs. MEDLINE and especially SCI vs. EMBASE
were observed. Retrieval rates in SCI of German-, French-, Japanese- and
Chinese-language medical papers published in 2000 were impressively
augmented by EMBASE and MEDLINE.

Conclusions: (i) Anglo-American publishers' countries and English-language
journals prevail in JCR with respect to numbers and IF levels. Publication
language English favours citation frequency. (ii) Of databanks studied, SCI
shows a maximum preference for English-language sources, thereby causing an
English Language Bias during IF derivation.

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Schweim HG, DIMDI, Postfach 42 05 80, D-50899 Cologne, Germany
DIMDI, D-50899 Cologne, Germany


IDS Number:


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