Winkmann G, Schlutius S, Schweim HG "Citation rates of medical German-language journals in English-language papers - do they correlate with the Impact Factor, and who cites?" DEUTSCHE MEDIZINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT 127 (4): 138-143 JAN 25 2002

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TITLE Citation rates of medical German-language journals in
English-language papers - do they correlate with the Impact
Factor, and who cites?
AUTHOR Winkmann G, Schlutius S, Schweim HG

Document type: Article    Language: German
Cited References: 35    Times Cited: 1

Background and objective: Several publications are warning that the German
language is no longer needed for transmission of scientific data. One of the
causes may be the Impact Factor (IF), which appears to be derived
predominantly from Anglo-American journals. The aim of this study was to
check actual international attention paid to German-language journals, i.e.
their citation frequencies in English-language papers. Are these citing
rates in English-language articles correlated to the IF, and from where do
citing articles originate?

Methods: Of 25 arbitrarily selected >85% German-language medical journals,
IF as well as language distributions of citing articles were determined by
searching publication years 1995-2000 in Science Citation Index (SCI).
MEDLINE and EMBASE were used as supplementary retrieval systems.

Results: (i) The sample journals displayed an average IF = 0.357. A 99%
correlation (Pearson factor r = 0.987; n = 25) was observed between our
"constructed" IF 2000 and IF published in journal Citation Report 2000. This
proves Stegmann's IF determination method (31) to be valid. On the average,
53% German-language and 45% English-language articles between 1995-2000
cited the 1995-1999' contributions of the studied journals. No correlation
was observed between IF vs. rates of citing
articles in English (r < 0.1). 64% of citing English-language articles
showed corporate sources in many/Austria/Switzerland, and 13.5% authors'
institutions in USA.

Conclusions: (i) An IF greater than or equal to 1 is, obviously, very hard
to attain by German-language journals. ISI's differentiation between Citing
vs. Cited-only journals (the latter often serving as MEDLINE/EM BASE
sources) during derivation of IF appears unjustified. (ii) English now
serves as the predominant communication language in sciences in
German-speaking countries, but has not supplanted the German language. Our
study reveals remarkable international attention rates remaining.

KeyWords Plus:

Schweim HG, DIMDI, Postfach 42 05 80, D-50899 Cologne, Germany
DIMDI, D-50899 Cologne, Germany


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