Sircar S, Nerur SP, Mahapatra R "Revolution or evolution? A comparison of object-oriented and structured systems development methods" MIS QUARTERLY 25 (4): 457-471 DEC 2001

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TITLE Revolution or evolution? A comparison of object-oriented and
structured systems development methods
AUTHOR Sircar S, Nerur SP, Mahapatra R
JOURNAL MIS QUARTERLY  25 (4): 457-471 DEC 2001

 Document type: Article    Language: English    Cited References: 43
Times Cited: 0

This paper examines the changes engendered when moving from a structured to
an object-oriented systems development approach and reconciles the differing
concerning whether this represents an evolutionary or revolutionary change.
Author co-citation analysis is used to elucidate the ideational and
conceptual relationships
between the two approaches. The difference in conceptual distance at the
analysis and design level compared to that at the programming level is
explained using
Henderson's framework for organizational change. The conceptual shift during
analysis and design is considered architectural, whereas for programming it
is deemed
merely incremental. The managerial implications of these findings are
discussed and suggestions for improving the likelihood of success in the
adoption of object-oriented
systems development methods are provided.

Author Keywords:
IS development, structured development approach, object-oriented approach,
software development methodologies, author co-citation analysis

KeyWords Plus:

Sircar S, Univ Texas, Ctr IT Management, Arlington, TX 76019 USA
Univ Texas, Ctr IT Management, Arlington, TX 76019 USA
Cent Missouri State Univ, Dept COIS, Warrensburg, MO 64093 USA
Univ Texas, Dept Informat Syst & Operat Management, Arlington, TX 76019 USA


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