Misak A, Petrak J, Pecina M "Scientific biomedical journals in Croatia" CROATIAN MEDICAL JOURNAL 43 (1): 8-15 FEB 2002

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TITLE Scientific biomedical journals in Croatia
AUTHOR Misak A, Petrak J, Pecina M

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xAim. To assess the current situation in biomedical journal publishing in
Croatia, according to the journals' editorial and publishing

Method. As survey questionnaire with 38 questions was sent to the
editors-in-chief of 43 biomedical journals in Croatia. Thirty-seven journals
were analyzed.

Results. In 2000, there were 14 general and 23 specialized biomedical
journals in Croatia. Twenty-five journals received financial support from
the government. Six journals were indexed in MEDLINE, with two of them also
in Current Contents, 20 in other bibliographic databases, and 11 were not
indexed at all. Twelve journals published articles in English, 11 in
Croatian, and 14 in either English or Croatian. Only 9 journals were
available on-line: 5 offered abstracts only and 4 offered full-text
articles. There were more indexed than non-indexed journals that were
financially supported by the government (p=0.031) and published in English
or either English or Croatian (p=0.011). Indexed journals published more
pages (p=0.020) and received more articles (p=0.030) per year. Five journals
provided salary for the editorial staff and 4 paid the reviewers' services.
Median number of subscribers was 250 (range, 0-7,000) and median circulation
650 (range, 300-7,200). Finances, number and quality of articles, and
problems with the review process were viewed by editors as the most
important problems.

Conclusion. Many journals had financial problems despite receiving
governmental or other support. Low number/quality of articles received and
inefficient review process could reflect the self-containment of Croatian
medical community, which comprises around 11,000 physicians and dentists.
Large ranges in circulation, number of subscribers, and number of pages
published per year, as well as in indexing rates, might imply large
differences among the journals in their target readership and editorial
policies and performance.

Author Keywords:
Croatia, journals, scientific, peer review, publishing

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Misak A, Univ Zagreb, Sch Med, Croatian Med Journal, Salata 3B, Zagreb
10000, Croatia
Univ Zagreb, Sch Med, Croatian Med Journal, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
Univ Zagreb, Sch Med, Cent Med Lib, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
Zagred Univ Hosp Ctr, Dept Orthoped, Zagreb, Croatia


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