Lempel R, Moran S "SALSA: The stochastic approach for link-structure analysis" ACM TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS 19 (2): 131-160 APR 2001

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TITLE SALSA: The stochastic approach for link-structure analysis
AUTHOR Lempel R, Moran S

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Today, when searching for information on the WWW, one usually performs a
query through a term-based search engine. These engines return, as the
query's result, a list of Web pages whose contents matches the query. For
broad-topic queries, such searches often result in a huge set of retrieved
documents, many of which are irrelevant to the user. However, much
information is contained in the link-structure of the WWW. Information such
as which pages are linked to others can be used to augment search
algorithms. In this context, Jon Kleinberg introduced the notion of two
distinct types of Web pages: hubs and authorities. Kleinberg argued that
hubs and authorities exhibit a mutually reinforcing relationship: a good hub
will point to many authorities, and a good authority will be pointed at by
many hubs. In light of this, he devised an algorithm aimed at finding
authoritative pages. We present SALSA, a new stochastic approach for
link-structure analysis, which examines random walks on graphs derived from
the link-structure. We show that both SALSA and Kleinberg's Mutual
Reinforcement approach employ the same metaalgorithm. We then prove that
SALSA is equivalent to a weighted in-degree analysis of the link-structure
of WWW subgraphs, making it computationally more efficient than the Mutual
Reinforcement approach. We compare the results of applying SALSA to the
results derived through Kleinberg's approach. These comparisons reveal a
topological phenomenon called the TKC Effect which, in certain cases,
prevents the Mutual Reinforcement approach from identifying meaningful

Author Keywords:
algorithms, experimentation, theory, link-structure analysis, hubs and
authorities, random walks, SALSA, TKC effect

KeyWords Plus:

Lempel R, Technion Israel Inst Technol, Dept Comp Sci, IL-32000 Haifa,
Technion Israel Inst Technol, Dept Comp Sci, IL-32000 Haifa, Israel


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