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TITLE Authorship and affiliation in Armed Forces & Society: Volumes 1-25

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Armed Forces & Society (AF&S), is a major scholarly outlet for social
scientists interested in military subjects, and in 1999 completed 25 volumes
of continuous publication. This article presents data on authorship and
affiliations for volumes 1-25 of AF&S and compares the findings to studies
of other scholarly journals. Topical areas of analysis include
(co)authorship, sex configurations of (co)authors, and academic, regionaL
and institutional affiliations of authors. Results show the journal to be
fairly international and highly interdisciplinary. Overall, AF&S is both
similar and dissimilar along a number of sociodemographic dimensions
compared with other sociology and specialty area journals.

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Ender MG, US Mil Acad, MADN, BS&L, Dept Behav Sci & Leadership, W Point, NY
10996 USA
US Mil Acad, MADN, BS&L, Dept Behav Sci & Leadership, W Point, NY 10996 USA


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The purpose of this article is to yield univariate and bivariate results
from an analysis of (primarily) authorship and institution affiliation of
the official journal of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and
Society - Armed Forces& Society (669 articles in the first 25 volumes). A
larger project involves the establishment of a long-term database comparing
AF&S to the Journal of Peace Research.

Based on the overall analysis, AF&S is more or less similar to other
academic jurnals.  While a gap between male and female authors persists and
multiple authorship is low, both show some movement in recent years - more
women, and increase in co-authorship and solo women authors.  International
contributions are high relative to other jurnals, but there is often a call
for greater international representation.  Given the nature and increase in
regional conflicts, an international journal is perhaps more appropriate
today than when Janowitz and others first envisioned the journal.
Similarly, the multination military coalitions supporting peace-keeping and
other types of missions promote a more interdisciplinary research approach.
Finally, multiple authorship will probably become the norm rather than the
exception in AF&S because this is the direction of scholarship in general.
One feature of multiple authorship is the increased specialization that
results in highly rigorous analyses.

AF&S has all but achieved Morris Janowitz's stipulated goals and vision for
the journal.  First, the journal has an international focus and following.
Second, based on academic discipline, the journal is highly

AF&S is the major outlet for scholars interested in historical and
contemporary military subjects.  The present study replicates and expands on
previous studies of authorship in the social and behavioral sciences with a
focus on a specialty journal of the highest intellectual caliber.  It
represents the tradition of intellectual self-monitoring and the maintenance
of longitudinal and comparative understanding of authorship and publication.
 Finally, the study aspires to contribute to the discourse on the sociology
of knowledge by providing a case study of the sociodemographic
characteristics of the people studying the most significant issues of our
day - war, peace, military institutions, and international and domestic

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