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Sat Sep 12 12:19:50 EDT 2015

Harnad, Stevan (2015) Optimizing Open Access Policy. *Serials Review* (in
press) http://eprints.soton.ac.uk/381526/

This overview of the current status of Open Access (OA) to peer-reviewed
research describes the steps that need to be taken to achieve universal OA.
Policy initiatives by universities and funding agencies as well as
adaptations by publishers have resulted in some progress toward universal
OA, but a significant portion of research remains inaccessible to its
would-be users because of subscription barriers. Institutions are forced to
support both journal subscriptions and “Gold OA” author publication fees;
this is not affordable or sustainable. More and stronger OA mandates will
accelerate the provision of universal “Green OA” (author self-archiving)
and an eventual transition to affordable, sustainable Gold OA, in which
author fees replace institutional subscription fees to cover the remaining
essential costs of journal publication. To accelerate progress, more
institutions and funders need to adopt effective OA mandates. All
universities and funders should require: (1) institutional deposit of the
(2) final draft immediately on acceptance for publication; and urge (but
not require):  (3) immediate OA, (4) author rights-retention, (5)
minimization of allowable embargo length, (6) implementation of the
copy-request Button, (7) provision of rich usage and citation metrics, and
(8) having the repository deposit of publications be the locus for
institutional performance review as well as funding applications and
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