[Sigmetrics] Monitoring publications on ICT, how?

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Dear Behrooz,

You first step is probably to have an operational definition of ICT. What are the boundaries of your field of ICT? What is included and what should be excluded?
I think using the following subject categories from the WoS will yield a fairly good approximation of ICT:

·        Computer Science, Theory & Methods

·        Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence

·        Computer Science, Information Systems

·        Computer Science, Software Engineering

·        Computer Science, Hardware & Architecture

·        Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications

·        Computer Science, Cybernetics

·        Telecommunications

·        Medical Informatics

You can also use a classification of journals that has been developed by Science-Metrix. All journals in the Web of Science and Scopus have been classified in 6 large domains, 22 fields and 176 subfields. This includes the field of Information & Communication Technologies which could be divided into 8 subfields:

·        Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing

·        Computation Theory & Mathematics

·        Computer Hardware & Architecture

·        Distributed Computing

·        Information Systems

·        Medical Informatics

·        Networking & Telecommunications

·        Software Engineering

The classification is freely available under a creative commons license and is operational in several languages including Persian. Please visit this link for more information: http://www.science-metrix.com/en/classification

Very importantly, you should note that in ICT, a large share of the scientific output is published in conference papers. For example, in Scopus, nearly 75% of the peer-reviewed publications in ICT are conference papers. So, it is surely as important to think about the coverage of conference papers in the database than to define the topic itself.

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Dear all,
I am working on my research, monitoring countries' academic publications on "information and communications technology" (ICT) indexed by web of science. The problem is that there is simply no such category in WOS Categories or Research Areas. Then, the question is how can I retrieve publications on ICT from WOS? Searching ICT in "Topic" field is a good idea, do you think? Or there is another method with more scientific rigor? Thank you in advance.


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