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Thanks for this.  We seem to be on the same wave length.  I have forwarded this to the people here at LSU in charge of establishing our repository and book marked the site for myself.

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The new edition (July 2014) of the Ranking Web of Repositories has been just published


The ranking is published since 2008 and its main aim is to promote the Green Road to Open Access supporting and monitoring the evolution of thousands of repositories worldwide. The inclusion criteria are more demanding than those from other directories, as only repositories with their own web domain or subdomain are accepted.

Methodological criteria are maintained with minor changes from the previous edition. The Visibility indicator again incorporates altmetrics mentions from the following sources: Academia, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mendeley, ResearchGate, Slideshare, Twitter, Wikipedia (all editions), Wikipedia (English version) and YouTube. And now Scholar indicator is obtained by combining four variables obtained from Google Scholar: 
number of articles, published between 2009 and 2013, PDF files (with appropriate suffix) and pdf files dating from 2009 to 2013.

The most important innovation is the inclusion of ResearchGate, Academia and Mendeley in the Ranking of portals. It has been done to draw attention to a candidate problem, as certain authors are placing their papers on these websites instead of their own institutional repositories. The limited added value provided by the current generation of repository software and the slow implementation by repository managers of services like author profiles, metrics and other customization options are leading to an unfortunate trend that could mean those "competitors" will frustrate the objective of achieving comprehensive deposit of scientific production of the institution.

As for results, subject repositories continue to lead the table: 
Arxiv.org e-Print Archive, Social Science Research Network, Europe PubMed Central Research Papers in Economics. Several of the repositories implemented by HAL (France) and the combination of the various universities into a unique University of California repository are the main institutional highlights. Regarding Portals, the SciELO network shows the now global success of this initiative.

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