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[Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application]<http://sp2.actemarketing.com/SpeClicks.aspx?X=5M104KEIIDKSXI4G00QHWD>




Stephen E. Fienberg,
Carnegie Mellon University

Associate Editors:

Nancy Reid,
University of Toronto

Stephen M. Stigler,
University of Chicago

Editorial Committee:

Lawrence D. Brown,
University of Pennsylvania

Ursula Gather,
Technische Universität Dortmund

Xihong Lin,
Harvard University

Thomas A. Louis,
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Sylvia Richardson,
Cambridge University

Bernard W. Silverman,
UK Home Office


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Free online access to this journal is available until January 2015.

View the full Table of Contents for Volume 1.<http://sp2.actemarketing.com/SpeClicks.aspx?X=5M104KEIIDKSXI4G04QHWD>

"In-depth work in areas of application lie at the core of modern statistics, and we hope to promulgate this cross-disciplinary perspective in the Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application. In this journal, we hope to publish reviews that will bring these modern ideas to statisticians and nonstatisticians alike. We also expect to include articles that focus on core statistical principles, lest these be lost in a sea of new methods and computational algorithms."
-Editor, Stephen E. Fienberg

Read the full introduction here.<http://sp2.actemarketing.com/SpeClicks.aspx?X=5M104KEIIDKSXI4G05QHWD>

The 22 reviews in this volume inform statisticians, quantitative methodologists, and users of statistics more broadly about major methodological advances and the computational tools that allow for their implementation. Topics in this volume include methodological articles on Bayesian computational tools and Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms, as well as articles focused on statistical applications in ecology, climate modeling, brain imaging analysis, and the role of statistics in the discovery of a Higgs boson.



In many Annual Reviews journals, one can find articles with major statistical applications and even expository articles about topics in statistical methodology. With this new journal, we hope to engage the readers of other Annual Reviews journals and to cross-link relevant review articles in both directions. At present, statistics interacts vigorously with astronomy, biology, engineering, geology, medicine and public health, and many social sciences, including political science, law, sociology, psychology, anthropology, archeology, and history. Indeed, we find that statistical methods and ideas are in use in virtually every intellectual field that involves data and quantitative reasoning about them.

Statistics is not just about the methodology in a particular application domain; it also focuses on how to go from the particular to the general and back to the particular again. In this journal, we aim to publish reviews that will bring these modern ideas to statisticians and nonstatisticians alike.

View the full Table of Contents for Volume 1.<http://sp2.actemarketing.com/SpeClicks.aspx?X=5M104KEIIDKSXI4G06QHWD>

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