How to use HistCite with Scopus data

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Dear Loet: I appreciate your efforts to increase use of HistCite. Did you ever meet Dr. Alexander Pudovkin? He is very knowledgeable on the subject of HistCite. Perhaps you might find a way to invite him to visit your laboratory. He lives in St. Petersburg.
Have you ever discussed HistCite with Henk Moed or Gali Halevi at Elsevier?
Perhaps now they should promote its use among Scopus users.
I never had access to Scopus, but it is available at the University of Pennsylvania Library. I continue to use WOS or WOK since I am familiar with it.

Best wishes Gene Garfield

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Dear colleagues,

I updated the routine scop2isi.exe as scop2wos.exe (at ) so that Scopus data can now be used with the new version of HistCite(tm)<> for algorithmic historiography (Garfield et al. 2003).

Garfield, E., Pudovkin, A. I., & Istomin, V. S. (2003). Why do we need algorithmic historiography? Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 54(5), 400-412.
Leydesdorff, L. (2010). Eugene Garfield and Algorithmic Historiography: Co-Words, Co-Authors, and Journal Names. Annals of Library and Information Studies, 57(3), 248-260; available at .

* HistCite(tm) is freely available at
** apologies for cross-postings

Feel free to contact me if it would not work properly.


PS1. I acknowledge Williams Contreras Higuera for bringing the need to update to my attention.
PS2. This program will not work with 64-bit operating systems. One then has to work in the XP-mode of the Virtual PC.

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