How to use HistCite with Scopus data

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Dear colleagues, 


I updated the routine scop2isi.exe as scop2wos.exe (at ) so that Scopus data can now
be used with the new version of HistCite
stcite/> T for algorithmic historiography (Garfield et al. 2003).


Garfield, E., Pudovkin, A. I., & Istomin, V. S. (2003). Why do we need
algorithmic historiography? Journal of the American Society for Information
Science and Technology, 54(5), 400-412. 

Leydesdorff, L. (2010). Eugene Garfield and Algorithmic Historiography:
Co-Words, Co-Authors, and Journal Names. Annals of Library and Information
Studies, 57(3), 248-260; available at .


* HistCiteT is freely available at

** apologies for cross-postings


Feel free to contact me if it would not work properly.





PS1. I acknowledge Williams Contreras Higuera for bringing the need to
update to my attention. 

PS2. This program will not work with 64-bit operating systems. One then has
to work in the XP-mode of the Virtual PC.



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