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TITLE:          Net cages in fish farming: a scientometric analysis
                (Article, English)
AUTHOR:         Dias, JD; Simoes, NR; Bonecker, CC
SOURCE:         ACTA LIMNOLOGICA BRASILIENSIA 24 (1). 2012. p.12-17


ABSTRACT:       Aim: This study presents a scientometric analysis of
studies on net cages in order to determine whether these studies are
considering environmental issues or only seeking an increase in food
production; Methods: The survey of articles was accomplished using the
Thomson Reuters Database (ISI Web of Knowledge), with "cage culture" and
"net cage" as keywords. We selected 238 articles that were published
between 1990 and 2009; Results: There was a temporal increase in the
number of articles published. These articles focused mainly on fish
production and environmental impacts; Conclusion: The studies of net
cages in fish farming mainly investigated fish production, although
environmental issues relating to this recent human activity were also
important. Policy makers should consider both sides of the coin (i.e.,
both the benefits and environmental impacts of fish production) in
regulation of this activity.

AUTHOR ADDRESS: JD Dias, Univ Estadual Maringa, Nucleo Pesquisas Limnol
                Ictiol & Aquicultura NUPE, Programa Posgrad Ecol Ambientes
                Aquat Continentai, Av Colombo 5790, BR-87020900 Maringa,
                PR, Brazil

TITLE:          Scientometric Analysis of Artificial Intelligence
                Research Output: An Indian Perspective (Article, English)
AUTHOR:         Gunasekaran, M; Balasubramani, R
                2012. p.317-322 EUROJOURNALS, LONDON


ABSTRACT:       This study analyses the artificial intelligence research
output carried out during the year 1973 - 2011 the different parameters
including authorship pattern, growth, rank with global publication,
institutions contribution, most productivity journals were analysed.
Scoups citation database has been used to retrieve the data for 39 years
(1973-2011) by using the keywords (Artificial, Intelligence, Neural
networks). The profile of India research output was compared with other
countries help of scientometrics technique. During the study period a
total of 228 papers were published by authors. Analysis report shows that
India ranks at 1st position among the top 17 countries with 219 (96.05%)
papers. The Indian research output delivered very slightly decreases in
the year 1973 and gradually increased every year. The journal of Expert
Systems with Applications was the topesest among 147 journals published
in the articles. The Indian authors Kulkarni BD, Patnaik PR have been
published 7,6 respectively with 1st & 2nd rank among the authors

AUTHOR ADDRESS: M Gunasekaran, Bannariamman Inst Technol, Erode 638401,
                Tamil Nadu, India

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