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Dear colleague, 


You may find the program bibcoupl.exe at useful. It provides you with
the matrix of cited references (rows) versus cited authors (columns) in a
format that can be read by SPSS. (There is a limitation of 1024 authors).






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Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for advice and model/ example to follow in analyzing the
emerging body of knowledge in a new field and a journal I am editing
<> &
Governance). My aim is to capture and rank the most influential papers that
were cited by the journal's authors.  
To do so I'll need to prepare a list of  all papers published in the journal
and thereafter to follow the sources that they cite.  Does this seem
reasonable way to go ?  if so how would you technically collect and connect
the data collected ? And are you aware of similar analysis ? 


Thank you so much i advice 





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