VOSviewer version 1.5.0 released

Nees Jan van Eck info at VOSVIEWER.COM
Thu May 24 04:56:31 EDT 2012

Dear colleagues,

A new version of the VOSviewer software for bibliometric mapping has been
released. The software can be freely downloaded at www.vosviewer.com.

The most important new feature is direct support for creating bibliometric
maps based on Web of Science output files. With just a few mouse clicks,
anyone with access to Web of Science can create:
* co-citation maps of articles, journals, authors, and organizations;
* bibliographic coupling maps of articles, journals, and authors;
* co-occurrence maps of terms extracted from titles and abstracts of

As always, we very much welcome your feedback on this project.

Best regards,

Nees Jan van Eck
Ludo Waltman

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