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Dear Isidro, 


Yet, the web-ranks may (partially) correlate with the budgets of the
webmasters. J

Could you test this?






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Dear Yves:

There is no a single answer, but many possible candidate answers:

- Scientific discoveries should be communicated, preferably not only to the
scientists working at rich western organizations. Today Web is the most
universal and cheaper scholarly communication tool. Ranking MEASURES the
amount of new knowledge generated and how much is published in an open

- Most of the scientists are not only producing papers in formal
international journals, but their activities are richer and diverse. Ranking
MEASURES all the outputs, formal and informal, if they publish them on the

- Universities (specially public ones) are investing a lot, not only in
research, but in other different missions. For example promoting distance
learning (through web platforms), supplying information about their
governance (transparency), attracting talented students and prestigious
professors through internationalization of their web contents, supplying
information of their technological developments in their specialized web
portals and so on. Ranking MEASURES all these different activities if they
are making public in the Web.

These are only a few examples.

El 31/08/2012 15:55, Yves Gingras escribió:

“indicator” is dubious and does not really indicate anything specific...
Instead of writing that the  use of web domains is “penalizing their
position in the Ranking”, one should instead conclude that using web domains
to “rank” institutions is dubious since it misrepresent the reality: should
institutions adapt to indicators OR should indicators be adapted to the
reality of institutions???... Before multiplying “indicators” maybe one
should first ask the basic question: “what on earth does this thing really

Yves Gingras

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El 31/08/2012 10:31, Clement Levallois escribió:


In the ranking for Europe, not a single French university in the 100 first?

(see here: http://www.webometrics.info/en/Ranking_Europe/European_Union)



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Dear all:
 You can check the Excellence indicator (papers in the 10% top cited) that
Paris 6 is 28th and Paris XI is 98th so the reasons for the delayed ranks
are related to the web presence. Language is an important issue as
English-speaking countries are clearly over-represented but it is not the
only reason. Perhaps interesting to this list is that the commitment to open
access is limited. You can check the performance of the French university
repositories here:
 It is very surprising that in some cases they have surrendered their own
web domains in their "institutional" repositories. A few examples:
 École Polytechnique    http://hal-polytechnique.archives-ouvertes.fr/
 Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
 École Mines ParisTech    http://hal-ensmp.archives-ouvertes.fr/
 Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis
 Of course this practice is penalizing their position in the Ranking.

Yves Gingras

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