Bibliometrics Analysis of Science and Technology Policy in China

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Bibliometrics Analysis of Science and Technology Policy in China

Author(s): Liang, YX (Liang Yongxia); Li, ZF (Li Zhengfeng)
Editor(s): Deng MG; Ye JM; Kaminishi K; Duysters G; DeHoyos A

INNOVATION AND MANAGEMENT, VOLS I AND II  Pages: 1339-1343  Published: 

Abstract: Using bibliometrics technology to study "Science and Technology 
Policy" can not only improve better understanding of "Science and Technology 
Policy" for researcher, but also have important value for policy maker. In this 
article, the author use bibliomtrics method and select "Science and Technology 
Policy" as search word and 267 records of articles in 1998-2008 are retrieved 
from CSSCI. Then the author analysis on the key words, publishing authors and 
cited authors, source and cited journals. According to analysis, the author get 
the following conclusion:(1) these studies are not particularly focused on hot 
spots and links between studies are not particularly close;(2) Not only 
publishing authors but also cited author, their articles' counts are very low and 
couldn't form special core literatures and core authors;(3) Science and 
Technology policy research is absorbed contents of many fields, has not formed 
fixed areas.

Language: English
Document Type: Article

Conference: 7th International Conference on Innovation and Management 
Wuhan Univ Technol, Wuhan, PEOPLES R CHINA DEC 04-05, 2010 Wuhan Univ 
Conference Title: 7th International Conference on Innovation and Management
Conference Date: DEC 04-05, 2010
Conference Location: Wuhan, PEOPLES R CHINA
Conference Host: Wuhan Univ Technol

Author Keywords: Science and technology policy; Bibliometrics; CSSCI

Addresses: [Liang, YX; Li, ZF] Tsinghua Univ, Ctr STS, Beijing 100084, Peoples 
R China
Reprint Address:
E-mail Address: liangyongxia111 at, lizhf at
ISBN: 978-7-5629-3370-0

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