FW: PhD and Postdoc positions in Amsterdam - Cedar - a computational humanities project of the Royal Netherlands Academy and partners

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Wed Aug 3 14:07:25 EDT 2011

The institute Data Archiving and Network Services (DANS - an institute of NWO and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences-KNAW) in collaboration with the International Institute for Social History, and the VU Amsterdam is working on a project of the Computational Humanities programme of the KNAW called
“Census data open linked – From fragment to fabric – Dutch census data in a web of global cultural and historic information (CEDAR)”

Project background

This project builds a semantic data-web of historical information taking Dutch census data as a starting point. With such a web we will answer questions such as:

- What kind of patterns can we identify and interpret in expressions of regional identity?

- How to relate patterns of changes in skills and labor to technological progress and patterns of geographical migration?

- How to trace changes of local and national policies in the structure of communities and individual lives?

This project applies also a specific web-based data-model – exploiting the Resource Description Framework (RDF) technology– to make census data inter-linkable with other hubs of historical socio-economic and demographic data and beyond. The project will result in generic methods and tools to weave historical and socio-economic datasets into an interlinked semantic data-web. Further synergy will be created by linking CEDAR to Data2Semantics, a COMMIT project.

Job possibilities

The project encompasses

 *   one PhD project, titled “Linked Open Data curation model in social science history – the case of Dutch census data” - supervised by Professor Frank van Harmelen (VU Amsterdam).
 *   one PhD project “Theory and Practice of data harmonization in social history” - supervised by Professor Kees Mandemakers (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam; IISH))
 *   one postdoc position for a candidate experienced in complex network analysis and visualization.

The project will be coordinated by Dr Andrea Scharnhorst (DANS, e-humanities group). It is part of the Computational Humanities Programme of the KNAW, which will be hosted at the e-humanities group (ehumanities.nl) and in which further projects (with PhD students, postdoc’s and senior staff) in the area of computational and digital humanities will be carried out.

For this project we seek candidates for all positions. The project runs over a period of four years. The specific requirements and details for application can be found in the attached job advertisements.

The deadline for applications is August 29 for the PhD positions and October 1 for the PostDoc position. The advertisements for the positions can be also found here http://simshelf.dans.knaw.nl/

Please distribute this information further, and  please apologize for cross-posting.

Dr. Andrea Scharnhorst
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Data Archiving & Networked Services
Head of Research
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Anna van Saksenlaan 10 andrea.scharnhorst at dans.knaw.nl<mailto:andrea.scharnhorst at dans.knaw.nl>
2593 HT Den Haag  06  23 63 32 93
www.dans.knaw.nl              ehumanities.nl

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