What is an International Journal?

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The sigmetrics answer lies in the data of SCIENCE & ENGINEERING INDICATORS,
which have repeatedly shown American scientists citing American scientists -- 
presumably publishing in American journals.

Robert Maxwell, in an attempt to gain readers for his British based Pergamon
journals, named them all "International Journal of ..." and recruited editors from
both sides of the Atlantic.

Albert Henderson (former VP Pergamon; former editor PUBLISHING RESEARCH QTLY)

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> Hi you guys there,
> I am trying to write a paper on author productivity and publishing
in scholarly journals. I have read a lot about this topic and
insistently some of you guys talk about the need for an author to 
publish in "an International journal". But what is an international
journal? What features should have a journal to be international? It
really exist an international Journal? 
> When we talk about books, we tend not to think in an international
book, or an international dissertation, or an international grey
literature. This way of thinking only show up with journals. 
> I hope some of you can help me to clarified this issue.
> Thank you very much for all you help.
> Ruben Urbizagastegui
> University of California, Riverside
> University Libraries
> P.O. Box 5900
> Riverside, California 92517-5900


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