Scopus hit counts shrinking for same query

Peter Jacso jacso at HAWAII.EDU
Tue May 19 09:06:14 EDT 2009

Thanks Ross, this is good - knowing the high quality of your programmers that I've  always praised, but the help desk staff in Amsterdam (unless it was sourced out to Centra/West Asia) should be taught the basic courtesy of replying to customers' specific report about errors at least by acknowledging the receipt of error reports. 
For more than 30 hours they did not reply. Your US rep was corteous and sympathetic , but could only confirm the error . 
It may be worth to put on the log-in page a  warning about this temporary anomaly. 
I know that many information professioanals  work intensely these days on large scale searching projects related to institutional research assessments in Australia and New Zealand, and may be unaware of this problem. 
The same applies to researchers who work on  test searches for their forthcoming papers and/or presentations on comparing Scopus and Web of Sccience. 
best regards

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