Scopus hit counts shrinking for same query

Cameron Ross cameron.ross at ELSEVIER.COM
Tue May 19 04:29:22 EDT 2009

Dear Sigmetrics Listserv readers, 

We are currently experiencing problems with the stability of  Scopus search

On behalf of the Scopus team, I would like to apologise for this inconvenience.

Please be assured that this issue is of the highest priority. 
Our  technology teams have identified the cause of the fault and are working
around the clock to return Scopus to normal.

We will contact all customers as well as readers of this listserv within the
next 24 hours to give an update on when we expect normal service to resume.

Cameron Ross

Head of Scopus Product Management
Radarweg 29
1043 NX

E-mail: cameron.ross at
Tel: +31-20-485 3037

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