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The following review may be of use to you:


Morris, S. A. & Van der Veer Martens, B. (2008). Mapping research
specialties. Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, Volume
42. pp 213-295


Section 3 of this review attempts a systematic description of the many
methods used for descriptive bibliometrics.  It's fairly easy to put all
those methods into a unified framework, but the real challenge is trying
to decide which aspect of a research specialty that each bibliometric
method measures. 


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Pardon my asking, are you aware of any article/monograph that lists,
classifies and/or describes, in a systematic manner, all different
bibliometric methods that are currently in use? (like: Citation
analysis, bibliographic coupling, co-citation, citation context
analysis, content analysis, publication analysis, co-word analysis ...).
As a relative newbie to the field I'm only aware of Diodato's
dictionary. Any other resources? Please!



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