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Dear Clay, 
HistCite and CiteSpace are both very good. Specifically for bibliographic
coupling, I can offer BibCouple.exe at . It makes in
addition to the co-occurrence matrix, the occurrence matrix, and the
cosine-normalized matrix. The latter is preferable for the visualization. 
With bes wishes, 

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Thank you very much.  It looks like I made a lucky error in referring to
chapter 7 of Garfield's Citation Indexing.  I meant chapter 8, but my
underlying purpose is to present a literature in as many ways as feasible
and let the community of expertise decide which results are most
interesting.  Thus, both historiographic and co-citation approaches are of
interest to me.

CiteSpace and Pajek look like a really appealing playground for my data.  I
should mention that I'm already using HistCite.  Any other pointers are
appreciated;  I'm looking to minimize money and time, and maximize useful
information that I can provide to my research community.  


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I take it by "co-citation clusters" you mean what Garfield calls
Historiographs, that is, graphs showing linked papers over time.
That's what ch. 7 is about, and technically that's not co-citation.
If you can arrange your data to form a directed acyclic graph, so
that every paper points only backward toward earlier papers it cites,
you can use Pajek, available free on the Web, to visualize it.

See Vladimir Batagelj's paper, "Efficient Algorithms for Citation
Network Analysis" downloadable in pdf at:

Batagelj is the co-creator of Pajek, and there is a module for
certain kinds of citation analysis built into it.  Note his
references to Hummon & Doreian's work as well.

Howard White
Drexel University

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