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Howard and Chaomei,

Thank you very much.  It looks like I made a lucky error in referring to
chapter 7 of Garfield's *Citation Indexing*.  I meant chapter 8, but my
underlying purpose is to present a literature in as many ways as feasible
and let the community of expertise decide which results are most
interesting.  Thus, both historiographic and co-citation approaches are of
interest to me.

CiteSpace and Pajek look like a really appealing playground for my data.  I
should mention that I'm already using HistCite.  Any other pointers are
appreciated;  I'm looking to minimize money and time, and maximize useful
information that I can provide to my research community.


On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 4:30 PM, Howard White <whitehd at> wrote:

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> Hi,
> I take it by "co-citation clusters" you mean what Garfield calls
> Historiographs, that is, graphs showing linked papers over time.
> That's what ch. 7 is about, and technically that's not co-citation.
> If you can arrange your data to form a directed acyclic graph, so
> that every paper points only backward toward earlier papers it cites,
> you can use Pajek, available free on the Web, to visualize it.
> See Vladimir Batagelj's paper, "Efficient Algorithms for Citation
> Network Analysis" downloadable in pdf at:
> Batagelj is the co-creator of Pajek, and there is a module for
> certain kinds of citation analysis built into it.  Note his
> references to Hummon & Doreian's work as well.
> Howard White
> Drexel University
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