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------Dear Ronald,
A sample of 467 artiles (not including reviews) published from 1999 to
2003 in the journal Scientometrics has shown that there is a linear
correlation (correlation coefficient of 0.799) between the number of
times an article is cited and the number of references it contains.
This was supported by a Chi-Square test of independence between the
two indicators at 0.01 level of significance (Uzun, A. (2006).
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Webometrics, Informetrics
and Scientometrics, 87-91,10-12 May 2006, Nancy-France).
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> Dear colleagues,
> Is there a positive correlation between the length of a reference
list of a
> publication and the number of citations received? Is this true (or
not) in
> general, i.e. considering all types of publication? And what if one
> considers 'normal articles', this is when reviews and letters (and
other short
> communications) are not taken into account?
> Can someone point me to a reference?
> Thanks!
> Ronald
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