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Pikas, Christina K. Christina.Pikas at JHUAPL.EDU
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I've been debating this exact thing.  I was considering developing an
export style for a bibliographic manager (either ProCite or RefWorks)
that would basically create an ISI tagged file.  This is mostly fairly
straightforward, with the exception of the cited/citing references.
Scopus doesn't want to export citing references and WoS dumps them in
the note field.  Of course, the citations are probably the exact point
of your research!

I did a co-author matrix by exporting all of my "recent articles by APL
authors" listing from RefWorks to Excel.  I had it convert the ; to
columns, then did a find and replace with a node number for each author
(I could have left the authors but I judged that more error prone).
Yes, this was pretty arduous, but it gave me what I needed. The input
file is then of the form:

*vertices #
1 "Pikas, C.K."

1 26 78 93 
25 32 79

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I would be grateful if somebody could provide me with links/information
on free/share/trial-ware software or simple but functional homemade
databases suitable for manually collecting bibliographic data and cited
references from several journals not covered by ISI, suitable for later
bibliometric analysis (standard fields  should be supported, like:
author/s, journal/article title, page, issue, vol. number ... and all
necessary relations to cited ref., authors institutional affiliation


Lately I've found a lot of tools primarily built to carry out
bibliometric analysis on ISI standardized input data (ISI export
format). I've started by storing data from a two journals into my own MS
Access database, but the problem is that in this case I won't be able to
use available tools that require standard ISI data format, like Sitkis,
Bibexcel, Citespace, number of tools developed by Loet Leydesdorff etc..


Maybe a bibliographic conversion tool could solve my problem? Are you
aware of a tool that converts Access supported export formats to ISI
fields tagged format?


Thank you for all suggestions and help in advance,



Franjo Pehar (PhD student)



P.S. it seems to me that a blank version of ISI's citation index or
Scopus would be an ideal solution for my problem :))



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