International Society for the Psychology of Science & Technology

Sofia Liberman liberman at SERVIDOR.UNAM.MX
Tue Nov 14 17:28:45 EST 2006

We are quite pleased and excited to announce the formation of the first
society for the psychology of science, the "International Society for the
Psychology of Science & Technology"! It has been years in the making and
fills a gap in the studies of science. Philosophy of science, History of
Science, and Sociology of Science have had their own organizations for
decades or longer, and now it's psychology's turn to have a unqiue voice in
the study of scientific thought and behavior. We hope you will explore our
new website

We also hope you will not only join the society, but become an active founding
member. The Society's vitality will come directly from the vitality of its
members. Because this is all so new, we welcome any feedback you might have
concerning the Society and/or the webpage.

Welcome and please join us in this exciting new venture.

~Gregory Feist, Michael Gorman, & Sofia Liberman

PS: Also, visit our new posting on Wikipedia and feel free to edit and add
missing details and information you would like to see

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