Zeng ML, Chan LM. "Trends and issues in establishing interoperability among knowledge organization systems" Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 55(5):377-395, March 2004.

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TITLE     Trends and issues in establishing interoperability among
          knowledge organization systems
AUTHOR    Zeng ML, Chan LM
          SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 55 (5): 377-395 MAR 2004

Document type: Article     Language: English     Cited References: 69
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This report analyzes the methodologies used in establishing
interoperability among knowledge organization systems (KOS) such as
controlled vocabularies and classification schemes that present the
organized interpretation of knowledge structures. The development and
trends of KOS are discussed with reference to the online era and the
Internet era. Selected current projects and activities addressing KOS
interoperability issues are reviewed in terms of the languages and
structures involved. The methodological analysis encompasses both
conventional and new methods that have proven to be widely accepted,
including derivation/modeling, translation/adaptation, satellite and leaf
node linking, direct mapping, co-occurrence mapping, switching, linking
through a temporary union list, and linking through a thesaurus server
protocol. Methods used in link storage and management, as well as common
issues regarding mapping and methodological options, are also presented. It
is concluded that interoperability of KOS is an unavoidable issue and
process in today's networked environment. There have been and will be many
multi-lingual products and services, with many involving various structured
systems. Results from recent efforts are encouraging.

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Zeng ML, Kent State Univ, Sch Lib & Informat Sci, Kent, OH 44242 USA
Kent State Univ, Sch Lib & Informat Sci, Kent, OH 44242 USA
Univ Kentucky, Sch Lib & Informat Sci, Lexington, KY 40506 USA


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It is helpful if we look at the development and trends of KOS and reference
to the two distinguished periods: the online era and the Internet era.

_KOS and Compatibility Efforts in the Online Era_
The most significant period in the history of KOS development was from the
early 1960s to the late 1980s, with the growth of online databases.  During
the mid to late 1950s, when computing technologies and scientific
literature both  experienced rapid growth, theories on information and
communication as applied to indexing and retrieval were gradually
established, as disucssed inTaube's five-volume series Studies in
Coordinate Indeing published in 1953-1959 (Taube, 1953-); Eugene Garfield's
Citation Indexes for Science published in Science in 1955 (Garfield, 1955)
and the 1958 International Conference on Scientific Information (NAS, 1959)
(http://books.nap.edu/books/NI000518/html/R19.html#pagetop).  Putting
theories to practice, Chemical Titles (1960-), a current awareness tool for
chemistry resulting from Hans PeterLuhn's research (Luhn, 1961), began
publication in 1960.  Within ten years, computerized large-scale
bibliographic processing materialized through NASA's STAR (Scientific and
Technical Aerospace Reports), MEDLARS,ERIC, And the Science Citation
Index.   The batch processing systems of the 1960s were folled by the
online interactive retrieval systems of the 1970s and beyond (Lancaster &
Warner, 1993), including NASA-RECON, DIALOG, MEDLINE, LEXIS, BRS, etc. The
number of databases offered by DIALOG increased from three to over 200
between 1972 and 1984 and to over 450 by 1995.

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