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First, a clarification...I do use the truncation sign, i.e., I search on
"SLOAN B*". I wasn't saying I searched "SLOAN B" and/or "SLOAN BG". I was
saying the names were listed that way.

You said that "two of the citations were in error and did not CITE the
correct initial page." Well, yes and no. Yes, they did not cite the initial
page number of my paper. But no, the citations weren't in error from the
authors' perspectives. I went to the two citing papers, and in both cases
the authors appeared to be using a citation style that cites the specific
page number to which they are referring.

So, they are not mistakenly saying that my paper (which begins on page 117)
begins on page 122 or page 135. The respective authors are referring readers
to something on pages 122 and page 135.

Bernie Sloan

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There is nothing unusual here.

 What you failed to say is that two of the citations were in error and did
not CITE the correct initial page. Further, the person who cited you as BG
also cited the wrong page so there was no basis for unifying it. Had the
correct page been cited it would have been unified. I had no trouble finding
these because I used the truncation sign when I searched SLOAN B*.

The source entry for the article in question can only record the citations
that match the record. It is always safer to check the cited reference
section in case there are author  variations or errors in the citations.
Gene Garfield

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Check the original citations. Did they use LIB TRENDS or LIBR TRENDS or the
full title?

BTW, congrats on getting 12 citations!


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I've noticed something in the organization of search results from a Web of
Science search and was wondering if others have run across the same sort of

When I look at the results for one of my cited works, the main entry shows
12 citations. But there are three additional entries in the WoS search
results that also show citations to this same paper.

In the main entry my name is entered as "SLOAN B", and the journal name is
properly abbreviated as "LIBR TRENDS". This entry lists 12 citations.

There are two other entries with my name entered as "SLOAN B", but with the
journal title abbreviated as "LIB TRENDS" rather than "LIBR TRENDS". Each of
these entries lists one citation.

Then there is a third with my name listed as "SLOAN BG" with the journal
abbreviated as "LIB TRENDS", rather than "LIBR TRENDS". My middle initial is
indeed "G", but I did not use it in the paper in question.

I've noticed similar things for a paper published in the Journal of Academic
Librarianship. There is one entry with the journal name abbreviated "J ACAD
LIBRARIANSHIP" that lists 4 citations, and another with the journal name as
"J ACAD LIBR" (the proper abbreviation), with 2 citations.

I've noticed something similar with a third paper, but I won't bore you with
the details.

I was wondering how common this is, or if it's just an unlucky coincidence
that I have several papers with this problem?

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