Multiple occurences of cited work in Web of Science?

Thomas Krichel krichel at OPENLIB.ORG
Fri May 7 17:45:57 EDT 2004

  Sloan, Bernie writes

> I've noticed something in the organization of search results from a Web of
> Science search and was wondering if others have run across the same sort of
> thing.

  It seems that these are common problems when using names to identify
  authors and titles to identify publication channels. The same author
  can be addressed with many different name strings. The same publication
  can be addressed with many different titles.

  To really solve these problems, you need to build a relational dataset
  where every author paper, and publication channel is identified by
  a string that never changes. This is an almost impossible task.
  I am working on it. For the economics discipline, I founded and
  designed RePEc, see

  For publication channels, identification can be done by hand since
  it is a set of a few thousand at most for a given discipline. Papers
  can be quite easily identified by citation data from within the
  publication channels that they are in. For authors, you can have
  them register and tell a bibliographic system something about
  themselves and then search for the papers that they authored.
  This is done in the RePEc through the RePEc author service,
  see Please do not register there, this
  is for economists. Wait until I have built a similar service for
  computing and library and information science. This is on my to-do list.


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