HistCite collection of works by DJD Price and 3000 citing papers

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Re: HistCite collection of works by DJD Price and 3000 citing papers

Dear listserv reader:

The importance of the work of Derek deSolla Price is widely recognized in
the history of information science. In order to help visualize his impact on
the scientific literature we have searched the ISI WebofScience (WOS) to
find all papers that have cited any of his works. The output of that search
was run through the HistCite(tm) program. The result is a chronological file
of over 3046 items. The file also includes 61 items by Derek Price himself.
You will find the HistCite collection at:

If this is your first encounter with HistCite then please refer to the
HistCite Guide in the top right corner. Note that we have manually created
source records for Derek's books and combined a number of variations in

There are four historiographs provided, each of which can be viewed
separately. In the next phase we will add a group of the papers and books
appearing in the "outer references", the works which are most co-cited by
the 3046 items in the main "inner" collection. These maps can be created at
varying thresholds based on the local collection (LCS) or the (GCS),that is,
the Global literature covered by the entire WOS.(SCI/SSCI/AHCI)

If you find these displays interesting and would like to test the HistCite
software, you can join a group of volunteer evaluators. We will then send
you an evaluation copy of the program.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me or Soren Paris,  who
compiled this file. Eugene Garfield.

For further reading about HistCite please consult the following references:

Garfield E, Pudovkin AI, Istomin VI,  "Mapping the Output of Topical
Searches in the Web of Knowledge and the case of Watson-Crick" Information
Technology and Libraries; 22 (4): 183-187 December  2003.

Garfield E, Pudovkin AI, Istomin VS. "Why do we need Algorithmic
Historiography?" Journal of the American Society for Information Science and
Technology (JASIST) 54(5):400-412, March 2003.

Garfield E, Pudovkin AI, Istomin  VS. "Algorithmic Citation-Linked
Historiography -- Mapping the Literature of Science"
Presentation at : ASIST 2002: Information, Connections and Community,   65th
Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science  & Technology
(ASIS&T). Philadelphia, PA. November 18-21,  2002.

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