Davis PM "Patterns in electronic journal usage: Challenging the composition of geographic consortia" COLLEGE & RESEARCH LIBRARIES 63 (6): 484-497 NOV 2002

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Title      Patterns in electronic journal usage: Challenging the
           composition of geographic consortia
Author     Davis PM
Journal    COLLEGE & RESEARCH LIBRARIES 63 (6): 484-497 NOV 2002

 Document type: Article  Language: English
 Cited References: 36    Times Cited: 0

Annual electronic journal usage data for the NorthEast Research Library
(NERL) consortium was analyzed for 2000 and 2001 for the Academic Press
IDEAL aggregate package. Patterns indicated a high degree of skew in use of
the journal collection: a small number of journals formed the majority of
total use. Each institution illustrated a unique usage pattern, with some
institutions using (proportionally) more or less of the collection. No
institution used every title, and some titles were used very infrequently by
the consortium as a whole. Title ranking showed high congruence between 2000
and 2001. Titles not subscribed in print received about ten times less use
than locally subscribed titles. Cluster analysis revealed three distinct
groups of institutions based on use of the journal package: large research
institutions, medical institutions, and smaller liberal arts colleges and
polytechnic institutes. Student enrollment is a good predictor of total
usage, with medical institutions being an exception. It is recommended that
institutions consider their consortial membership and organize themselves
into groups of homogenous institutions with similar missions.

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Davis PM, Cornell Univ, Albert R Mann Lib, Ithaca, NY 14853 USA
Cornell Univ, Albert R Mann Lib, Ithaca, NY 14853 USA


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