Shinn T. "The triple helix and new production of knowledge: Prepackaged thinking on science and technology" SOCIAL STUDIES OF SCIENCE 32 (4): 599-614 AUG 2002

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Note the extensive use of SSCI to measure the impact of the highly cited
"The new production of knowledge: The dynamics of science and research in
contemporary societies" (Gibbons) and the lack of citations to the "Triple


Title      The triple helix and new production of knowledge:
           Prepackaged thinking on science and technology
Author     Shinn T
Journal    SOCIAL STUDIES OF SCIENCE  32 (4): 599-614 AUG 2002

 Document type: Article    Language: English
 Cited References: 34      Times Cited: 0

This comment considers the approaches expressed in the books by Gibbons et
al., The New Production of Knowledge (11994) and Nowotny et al., Re-Thinking
Science (2001), and in the body of work pioneered over the last few years by
Henry Etzkowitz and Loet Leydesdorff which expounds the 'Triple Helix'
analysis of industry/ university/ government relations. Citation analyses
and Internet search data are used to explore the geographical locations,
audiences and 'impact' of this work. The strengths and weaknesses of these
approaches are discussed, and the challenge of ensuring that they become
more than fleeting fads, nourishing an unproductive frenzy, but develop so
as to contribute something enduring to scholarship and practice.

Author Keywords:
citations, dynamics of research, endless transition,
industry/university/government relations, innovation, Mode 1, Mode 2,
policy, socially robust knowledge

KeyWords Plus:

Shinn T, GEMAS, 54 Blvd Raspail, F-75006 Paris, France
GEMAS, F-75006 Paris, France
CNRS, F-75700 Paris, France


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