PhD Studentship in Internet Research / Webometrics

Mike Thelwall m.thelwall at BLUEYONDER.CO.UK
Wed Dec 17 14:33:29 EST 2003

Title: An Exploration of Web Manifestations of
University-Industry-Government Relations in the UK

Academia, government and industry do not and cannot operate in isolation in
a modern economy. Academic research is now also conducted inside industry
as well as in partnerships between industry and universities. An important
new role of government is to promote university-industry collaboration and
practice-oriented, problem solving research (Mode 2 Science) rather than
more abstract and theory oriented research (Mode 1 Science). As with any
area in which the government spends enormous amounts of money, there is a
need to assess value and to understand the processes that links funding to
desirable outcomes (increased national competitiveness). The object of the
PhD is to explore a source of information about UIG connections: the web
sites of the organisations concerned. The objective is not to assess the
quality of connections, but to evaluate the extent to which such
connections are visible on the web and can be used to extract useful

This post is available to an Information Science or Social
Science graduate, Internet Researcher or other graduate with relevant
expertise. The research is of an interdisciplinary nature and the student
will need to gain knowledge of areas outside of their discipline. This will
include learning web page creation and studying selected statistical
techniques. The studentship is to run for a three years with a bursary of
£7,500 p.a. In order to apply, visit the URL below and email the group
leader with a copy of your C.V. Applicants from outside of the UK are
welcome. The deadline for receipt of an email is 31 March, 2004.

Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, University of Wolverhampton, UK

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