Louis A. Chiapello H. Fabry C. Ollivier E. Henaut A. "Deciphering Arabidopsis thaliana gene neighborhoods through bibliographic co-citations" Computers and Chemistry 26(5):511-519 Sp.Iss. SI Jul 2002

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TITLE     Deciphering Arabidopsis thaliana gene neighborhoods
          through bibliographic co-citations

AUTHOR    Louis A, Chiapello H, Fabry C, Ollivier E, Henaut A

JOURNAL   COMPUTERS & CHEMISTRY  26 (5): 511-519 Sp. Iss. SI JUL 2002

 Document type: Article   Language: English
 Cited References: 24     Times Cited: 0

In the framework of genome annotation, scientific literature is obviously
the major source of biological knowledge. The aim of the work described in
this paper is to exploit this source of data for the model plant Arabidopsis
thaliana. The first step has consisted in constituting a relevant
bibliographic references dataset for plant genomic research. Genes
co-citations have then been systematically annotated in this reference
dataset, starting from the simple idea that if genes are cited in the same
publication, they must probably share some related functional properties. In
order to deal with the synonymous gene name problem; a gene name reference
list has been constituted starting from A. thaliana SwissProt entries. This
list was used to build clusters of co-cited genes by a single linkage
procedure such that any gene in a given cluster possesses at least one
co-cited partner in the same cluster. Analysis of the clusters demonstrate
the biological consistency of this approach, with only very few
fortuitous links. As an example, a cluster including genes related to
flowering time is more deeply described in the paper. Finally, a graphical
representation of each cluster was performed, which provides a convenient
way to retrieve the genes (the nodes of the graphs) and the references in
which they were co-cited (the edges of the graphs). All the results can be
accessed at the URL http://chlora.Igi.infobiogen.fr:1234/bib_arath/. (C)
2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

Author Keywords:
information retrieval, gene names, single linkage procedure, representation
of knowledge

KeyWords Plus:

Louis A, Lab Genome & Informat, Tour Evry 2,523 Pl Terrases, F-91034 Evry,
Lab Genome & Informat, F-91034 Evry, France
INRA, Lab MIG, F-78026 Versailles, France
Inst Pasteur, Unite Genet Genomes Bacteriens, F-75724 Paris, France


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