"Garfield's conjecture: Do international journal s have a higher impact factor than German-language journals? "

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Dear Johannes: Thank you for your help in identifying this article. Now that
you have posted the source to the listserv I will have to determine whether
I should call attention to it again or in part.

We just concluded the Annual meeting of the ASIS&T. With best wishes. Gene

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At 15:21 19.11.2002 -0500, you wrote:
>This article appeared in German.  Unfortunately I cannot find the original
>german article, nor do I have the full citation for it.  If anyone can
>identify the author or the original publication, please let me know.
>The translated version  follows:
>Garfield's conjecture: Do international journals have a higher impact
>than German-language journals?


this is chapter 5.3 of volume 33 of "Kölner Arbeitspapiere zur Bibliotheks-
und Informationswissenschaft".
The title of this volume 33 is

                     "Informationswissenschaftliche Zeitschriften in
szientometrischer Analyse"
("information science journals in scientometric analysis" - my translation).

The "author" is "Grazia Colonia" and means a project performed by students
of the Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Austria, and of the Fachhochschule
(university of applied sciences) Cologne, Germany.
The volume 33 comprises 126 pages and can be downloaded as pdf from


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