Need Information (Degree in Scientometrics)

Michel J. Menou Michel.Menou at WANADOO.FR
Fri Aug 9 13:32:34 EDT 2002

Hola Patricia,

No conosco programas en Scientometria. Pero ha muchos programas acerca
de vigilia competitiva, uso estrategico de la informacion etc. donde
scientometria entra como herramienta.
No vejo qual seria el mercado de trabajo, afuera del mundo academico,
por scientometristas.

Michel Menou

Friday, August 9, 2002, 5:58:53 PM, you wrote:

PP> My name is Patricia Napadensky. I work at the Science and Technology Office and also serve as Secretary to the Research Council of the University of Tucuman, Argentina. There is a group of people
PP> in this university, lead by Dr. Maximo  Valentinuzzi who are planning to organize a Master Degree Program in SCIENTOMETRICS.

PP> We would like to know whether similar programs  exists elsewhere. It will help us to get in contact with people who is envolved in such programs.
PP> Thanks

PP> Patricia Napadensky (patricia at
PP> Universidad Nacional de Tucuman - Argentina

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