Need Information (Degree in Scientometrics)

Loet Leydesdorff loet at LEYDESDORFF.NET
Fri Aug 9 14:45:01 EDT 2002

Dear Patricia,

A European Guide to Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies (for the
EU) can be found at . It includes the
offerings in Scientometrics, but the inventory is from 1999.

Keep us posted. With kind regards,


At 12:58 PM 8/9/02 -0300, you wrote:
>        My name is Patricia Napadensky. I work at the Science and
>Technology Office and also serve as Secretary to the Research Council of
>the University of Tucuman, Argentina. There is a group of people in this
>university, lead by Dr. Maximo  Valentinuzzi who are planning to organize a
>Master Degree Program in SCIENTOMETRICS.      We would like to know whether
>similar programs  exists elsewhere. It will help us to get in contact with
>people who is envolved in such programs.  Thanks     Patricia Napadensky
>(patricia at  Universidad Nacional de Tucuman - Argentina

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