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Thu Aug 3 14:09:27 EDT 2000

Do we have a site for you!  Try

The PubSCIENCE Web site, developed by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office
of Scientific and Technical Information, provides access to scientific and
technical journal literature, including citations with abstracts.

As the result of a unique public-private sector partnership, 33 journal
publishers are contributing content to PubSCIENCE, making over 1,400
journals and 2 million journal citations available from this source.  Best
of all, it's publicly-available and free!

You may find many of OSTI's other sites beneficial as well.  Check out for more information.

tl whitson

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Subject: [SIGMETRICS] Citations Source


I am new to the citation world.  Recently, I am trying to get access
to citation data for a computer science algorithm work, but have NOT
been able to locate such source.  (ISI wants to charge quite a bit
for it for their SCI.)

Could anyone point me to a free citation source covering any scientific
or engineering disciplines?  The data preferably have authorship and
and citation information for each reference.

Thanks very much in advance.

                                          -- Lik Mui

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