[Sigmetrics] Alternative Indicators Summer School, Wolverhampton, UK, 6-7 September 2018

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Tue May 15 02:20:14 EDT 2018

The summer school is on the use of alternative web indicators for research evaluations. This is primarily aimed at research evaluators, PhD students and researchers that are interested in scientometrics and altmetrics.  The objective of the summer school is to make the use of alternative indicators possible for routine research evaluations. It is a practical event that will describe how gather and analyse a variety of web-based indicators.

Provisional Schedule

Day 1: Theory. This will introduce the new theoretical model of alternative indicators and describe methods to evaluate indicators. Attendees have the option to submit a short abstract to give a short presentation on their own relevant work, if accepted. Day 1 is mainly aimed at active researchers.

10am: Registration and welcome

10.30-11.30: Web Citations for Research Evaluation – Kayvan Kousha

11.45-1pm: Strategies for conducting evaluations; strategies for selecting indicators

2pm-3pm: Comparing the average indicator score of groups of articles

3.15pm-4pm: Comparing the proportion with a non-zero indicator score for groups of articles

4pm-5pm: Attendee presentations.

Day 2: Practice. This will start with an overview of a range of alternative indicators and will then introduce Webometric Analyst, a free software suite that gathers data for many alternative indicators and calculates advanced indicators for them. This will be followed by practical workshop sessions during which attendees will use the software to gather alternative indicator data and calculate and benchmark indicator values. This course will demonstrate how to gather and calculate indicators (benchmarked in the sense of field and year normalised) using free web-based data for commercial impact (patents), educational impact (syllabus mentions, PowerPoint mentions), informational impact (Wikipedia citations) and grey literature impact. Altmetric.com's free research data will also be mentioned. Attendees can bring their own data in order to calculate a range of web indicators for it on the day.

10am-11.30: Presentation 1 and Workshop 1: Overview of web indicators and gathering sets of publications

11.45-1pm: Presentation 2 and Workshop 2: Calculating indicators

2pm-3pm: Presentation 3 and Workshop 3: Mendeley indicators

3.15pm-4.15 pm Presentation 4 and Workshop 4: Web indicators

4.15pm-5pm Workshop 5: Extra considerations; Workshop 6: Advanced tasks; Close

Dates: September 6 and 7, 2018.

Cost: Free

Location: University of Wolverhampton, in Wolverhampton city centre.

Course lecturers: Mike Thelwall and Kayvan Kousha of the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group at the University of Wolverhampton.

Application: Please email Mike (m.thelwall at wlv.ac.uk mailto:m.thelwall at wlv.ac.uk ) with your name, affiliation, and reason for attending (1 sentence). Include a title and 200 word abstract if you would like to make a brief presentation on day 1.

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