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Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure to invite you for a special seminar at the occasion of the publication of the new book by Henk Moed, “Applied Evaluative Informetrics”. The seminar in which Henk Moed will present the key ideas of the book will take place on:

FRIDAY 19 JANUARY 2018 at 15 o’clock
in the Common Room at
CWTS, Willem Einthoven Building
Kolffpad 1
2333 BN Leiden


Moed, H.F. (2017). Applied Evaluative Informetrics. Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-60521-0 (hard cover); 978-3-319-60522-7 (E-Book), DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-60522-7, XXI + 312 pp.

This book presents an introduction to the field of applied evaluative informetrics, dealing with the use of bibliometric or informetric indicators in research assessment. It sketches the field’s history, recent achievements, and its potential and limits.
The book dedicates special attention to the application context of quantitative research assessment. It describes research assessment as an evaluation science, and distinguishes various assessment models, in which the domain of informetrics and the policy sphere are disentangled analytically. It illustrates how external, non-informetric factors influence indicator development, and how the policy context impacts the setup of an assessment process. It also clarifies common misunderstandings in the interpretation of some often used statistics.
Addressing the way forward, the book expresses the author’s critical views on a series of fundamental problems in the current use of research performance indicators in research assessment. Highlighting the potential of informetric techniques, a series of new features is proposed that could be implemented in future assessment processes. It sketches a perspective on altmetrics and proposes new lines in longer term, strategic indicator research.
It is written for interested scholars from all domains of science and scholarship, and especially for all those subjected to research assessment, research students at advanced master and PhD level, research managers, funders and science policy officials, and to practitioners and students in the field.


Between 1981 and 2010 Henk F. Moed was a senior staff member at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University. During 2010-2014 he was a senior scientific advisor at Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in Science Studies at the University of Leiden in 1989. He has been active in numerous research topics, including: the creation of bibliometric databases from raw data from Thomson Scientific’s Web of Science and Elsevier’s Scopus; analysis of inaccuracies in citation matching; assessment of the potentialities and pitfalls of journal impact factors; the development and application of science indicators for the measurement of research performance in the basic natural- and life sciences; the use of bibliometric indicators as a tool to assess peer review procedures; the development and application of performance indicators in social sciences and humanities; studies of the effects of ‘Open Access’ upon research impact and studies of patterns in ‘usage’ (downloading) behaviour of users of electronic scientific publication warehouses; studies of the effects of the use of bibliometric indicators upon scientific authors and journal publishers; development of a new journal impact measure (SNIP); the relationship between full text downloads and citations;  bibliometric studies of international scientific migration and collaboration; comparisons of Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar; multi-dimensional assessment of research impact; the potential of altmetrics; ontology-based bibliometric data management. He published over 100 research articles in international, peer reviewed journals, was program chair of numerous international conferences in the field, and is editorial board member of several journals in his field. He is a winner of the Derek de Solla Price Award in 1999. He edited in 2004, jointly with W. Glanzel and U. Schmoch, a Handbook on Quantitative Science and Technology Research (Kluwer, 800 pp), and published in 2005 a monograph, Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation (Springer, 346 pp.), which is one of the very few textbooks in the field.  He is currently an independent scientific advisor, and visiting professor at the Sapienza University of Rome and University of Granada. In September 2017 he published a second monograph with Springer, entitled ‘Applied Evaluative Informetrics’, and he is currently editing a second Handbook on S&T indicators (with W. Glanzel, U. Schmoch and M. Thelwall), to be published in 2018. He is program chair of the upcoming conference of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics (ISSI) in 2019 in Rome.

The seminar will be concluded over drinks.

With regards,

Paul Wouters
Professor of Scientometrics
Director Centre for Science and Technology Studies
Leiden University

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