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Dear Isidro:

>- "Global Impact Factor"= the sum of all the IF of the papers they 
>produced (without any normalization)
>- "Average Impact Factor" = the average of IF per paper (or per author)
1. I assume that you meant with "IF of the papers" the IFs of the 
journals in which the papers were published. This is a first source of 
error. The lack of normalization a second.

2. Please, explain why averaging these numbers would be "an horrendous 
mathematical error". Perhaps, in terms of formulas? I can see that it is 
not a very smart indicator. :-)


>This is not a part of debate about the IF, this is an horrendous 
>mathematical error (I learned this is an error in primary school!).  
>And we need a strong answer from ISSI and bibliometrics community.
>El 23/10/2017 a las 10:53, Isidro F. Aguillo escribió:
>>Dear all,
>>In spite of the large number of papers (and declarations) against the 
>>misuse and abuse of the IF, this indicator still appears frequently in 
>>the "bibliometric" sections of the reports of many academic and 
>>research institutions. But to my surprise I just discovered that most 
>>of Spanish health-related institutions, including several of the most 
>>prestigious ones, are using derived indicators like Impact Factor 
>>Global (adding all the IF values of the papers) or Average Impact 
>>Factor (usually per paper, but also per author) that are gross 
>>mathematical aberrations. The reason for making public these 
>>"indicators" is because the funding agencies are asking for them, 
>>including local and national govts, private foundations and ... EC 
>>I do not know if it is possible some action of ISSI or even from 
>>Clarivate to stop the use of these pseudo-indicators.
>>Thanks in advance,
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