[Sigmetrics] Digital Research Report on GRID: locating institutions in analysing global research

Jonathan Adams j.adams at digital-science.com
Thu Mar 2 07:46:01 EST 2017

Dear Colleagues

In our new report we explore the question of “location” and, in particular,
how we can consistently identify the organisations that host and facilitate
the research process.


"Location" is a familiar analytical problem. Using a corpus of sample
research articles from PLOS ONE, we demonstrate how much attribution to
research organisations varies and continues to spawn new variants in author
affiliations, how this kind of data can be aligned with a reference dataset
(GRID), and the potential of analyses resulting from the data integration.

GRID is a manually curated catalogue of research organisations with
persistent identifiers to support unambiguous attribution even when names,
locations and organisational structures change over time. A well-structured
set of policies aim to ensure consistency across a wide range of
organisation types. GRID provides automatic disambiguation algorithms based
on a combination of geographic entity recognition and a large database of
manually curated mappings. Interfaces are provided to process data that is
structured (for example tabular data labelled by name, city, and country)
and unstructured (such as author affiliations published in journal

GRID is made available under a CC0 license, enabling analysts to reuse the
database for commercial applications without attribution. New datasets are
made available on a monthly basis and provided in a variety of formats
including JSON, CSV, and RDF. Access to disambiguation services can be
provided for both commercial and research purposes.

Sincere regards,

Jonathan Adams

Dr Jonathan Adams
Chief Scientist, Digital Science
Visiting Professor, King's College London

M/ +44 7964 908449
E/ j.adams at digital-science.com

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