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"Since the MNCS is based on arithmetic averages despite skewed citation 
distributions, we recommend using PPtop 50% for fair comparisons of 
entities in economics (e.g. researchers, institutions, or countries)."



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>Dear colleague,
>You might be interested in this working paper:
>Title: Normalization of citation impact in economics
>Abstract: This study is intended to facilitate fair research 
>evaluations in economics. Field- and time-normalization of citation 
>impact is the standard method in bibliometrics. Since citation rates 
>for journal papers differ substantially across publication years and 
>Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classification codes, citation 
>rates should be normalized for the comparison of papers across 
>different time periods and economic subfields. Without normalization, 
>both factors that are independent of research quality bias the results 
>of citation analyses. We introduce two normalized indicators in 
>economics, which are the most important indicators in bibliometrics: 
>(1) the mean normalized citation score (MNCS) compares the citation 
>impact of a focal paper with the mean impact of similar papers 
>published in the same economic subfield and publication year. (2) PPtop 
>50% is the share of papers that belong to the above-average half in a 
>certain subfield and time period. Since the MNCS is based on arithmetic 
>averages despite skewed citation distributions, we recommend using 
>PPtop 50% for fair comparisons of entities in economics (e.g. 
>researchers, institutions, or countries). In this study, we apply the 
>method to 294 journals (including normalized scores for 192,524 papers) 
>by assigning them to four citation impact classes and identifying 33 
>outstandingly cited economics journals.
>The paper is available at: https://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/80384/
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