WADL2015 (Web Archiving and Digital Libraries) call, JCDL workshop

Ed Fox fox at VT.EDU
Fri Mar 27 21:08:47 EDT 2015

WADL 2015 — Web Archiving and Digital Libraries
(a JCDL 2015 (http://www.jcdl2015.org), Knoxville TN; 6/24-25 Workshop)

June 24      Activities (single track)
2:30-3:00     opening, introductions
3-3:30        panel: technical challenges
3:30-4        panel: organization & institutional social perspectives
4-4:30        demonstrations
4:30-5:30     poster session: all attendees are encouraged to bring a poster

June 25      Activities (single track)
8-9           registration, continental breakfast
9-9:30        lightening talks (e.g., on posters, demonstrations)
9:30-10:30    selected presentations
10:30-11      break
11-12         selected presentations
12-1          plenary discussion: future directions and collaboration

Submissions (please provide contact and supporting info in <= 1 page):
     EasyChair submission page
     Due April 18; Notification will be by May 8. Categories are:
     Poster + lightening talk
     Demonstration + lightening talk
     15 min. meeting/conference report related to WADL, including Q&A
     20 min. presentation + 10 min. Q&A
     30 min. panel with interactive plenary discussion

This will explore the integration of web archiving and digital
libraries, over the complete life cycle: creation/authoring, uploading/
publishing in the Web, . . .
  It will cover all topics of interest, including but not limited to:
    - Archiving (events)
    - Big data
    - Classification
    - Community building
    - Crawling (focused)
    - Curation, quality control
    - Databases / collections
    - Discovery
    - Extraction & analysis
    - Filling gaps
    - Globalization, languages
    - Linking archives
    - Metadata
    - Mobile devices
    - Network science
    - Preservation
    - Resource description
    - Social sciences
    - Standards, protocols
    - Systems, tools
    - Tweet connections

  - to build the community of people integrating web archiving & DLs
  - to help attendees learn about useful methods, systems, and software
  - to help chart future research and improved practice in this area
  - to promote synergistic efforts including collaborative projects, 
  - to produce an archival publication that will help advance technology
     and practice
  - to spot work for a planned journal special issue, in Springer’s IJDL:

Workshop Co-chairs:
-  Chair, Edward A. Fox, Professor and Director Digital Library Research
     Laboratory, Virginia Tech, fox at vt.edu, http://fox.cs.vt.edu, 
-  Co-chair, Zhiwu Xie, zhiwuxie at vt.edu, Associate Professor and Technology
     Development Librarian, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship,
     University Libraries, Virginia Tech, 540-231-4453

Organizing Committee:
     Jefferson Bailey, Internet Archive, jefferson at archive.org
     Prashant Chandrasekar, Virginia Tech, peecee at vt.edu
     Mohamed Magdy Farig, Virginia Tech, mmagdy at vt.edu
     Vinay Goel, Internet Archive, vinay at archive.org
     Martin Klein, UCLA, mklein at library.ucla.edu
     Frank McCown, Harding University, fmccown at harding.edu
     Michael Nelson, Old Dominion Univ., mln at cs.odu.edu
     Andreas Rauber, TU Vienna, rauber at ifs.tuwien.ac.at
     Matthew Weber, Rutgers, matthew.weber at rutgers.edu

Closely related event and results:
- Working with Internet Archives for Research (WIRE 2014) NSF workshop,
    17-18 June 2014, Cambridge, MA – see 
- Web Archiving and Digital Libraries (WADL’13), 7/25-26, at JCDL 2013, see
  and report in SIGIR Forum http://sigir.org/files/forum/2013D/p128.pdf
- Web Archive Globalization Workshop, WAG 2011 – see
    http://cs.harding.edu/wag2011/, with 4 organizers plus 5 presenters
    and about 20 participants, held in Ottawa after JCDL 2011 (June 16-17)
- Ongoing work by attendees in this area, growth in collaborative activity
    involving the Internet Archive, and specific community building 
    like the Web Archive Cooperative – see http://infolab.stanford.edu/wac/
- Annual meetings of the International Internet Preservation Consortium
   (IIPC), partner meetings of the Internet Archive (Archive-It), and ten
   workshops held with ECDL/TPDL: International Web Archiving Workshop
   (IWAW), 2001-2010

Professor Edward A. Fox
Virginia Tech, Dept. of CS, M/C 0106
114 McBryde Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061 USA
+1-540-231-5113; fox at vt.edu; FAX +1-540-231-6075

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