Google Scholar's Anurag Acharya on Repository Indexablity

Stevan Harnad amsciforum at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 17 07:20:50 EDT 2015

Most repository queries and referrals come from google scholar and google
users. So it is crucial to get repository contents well indexed by google.

Here are some tips from Google Scholar's Anurag Acharya:

This is a good occasion to repeat also an important fact about Open Access

OA Repositories' problem is not lack of searchability or of indexability or
of search/index tools and services.

Their problem is *lack of OA content.*

The cure is *effective OA mandates* -- not waiting for better search/index

Vincent-Lamarre, Philippe, Boivin, Jade, Gargouri, Yassine, Larivière,
Vincent and Harnad, Stevan (2015) Estimating Open Access Mandate
Effectiveness: I. The MELIBEA Score.
in press)

Swan, Alma; Gargouri, Yassine; Hunt, Megan; & Harnad, Stevan (2015) *Open
Access Policy: Numbers, Analysis, Effectiveness*. Pasteur4OA Workpackage 3
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