Help with ArXiv?

Terrie Rose Wheeler tew2004 at MED.CORNELL.EDU
Mon Jun 15 11:48:32 EDT 2015

Hi David, and thank you for considering arXiv for your paper.  Below is a
link with the explanation of the endorsement policy employed.  There may
be some on this list who could endorse for you.

On 6/15/15, 10:38 AM, "David Wojick" <dwojick at CRAIGELLACHIE.US> wrote:

>Adminstrative info for SIGMETRICS (for example unsubscribe):
>Dear Colleagues,
>I recently tried to post an article on ArXiv, the preprint server. After
>registering to become a "member" I was informed by the computer that I
>to be "endorsed" by an existing member in my "field." My paper is titled
>Taxonomy to support the statistical analysis of funding-induced biases in
>science" so I had picked "statistics" as my field, from the available
>options, which did not include logic, my actual field. I have no idea how
>to find such a person. Any suggestions?
>In the meantime I will be happy to send my paper to anyone who requests
>Please send your requests directly to me at dwojick at not
>this list.
>David Wojick, Ph.D.

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